Lou Laurence

Singer. Songwriter. Siren.

She is, quite simply, amazing.
— Brendan Kelly, Montreal Gazette
 Photo: Andrej Ivanov

Photo: Andrej Ivanov

Lou Laurence has a bold, soul voice and an acoustic blues, folk, pop sound. Maybe described as a soul-singing siren, her music will make your hairs stand on end and your secret feelings rise to the surface.

Her songs combine simple blues dialogue with humour, love, and deep, sweet, soul. She is accompanied by home-modified baritone ukuleles (acoustic and electric) and has played everywhere from large festivals, to Montreal metro stations, dirty pubs and classy corporate gigs.

Most recently, Lou released a new EP, Deer Lou, in June of 2017 at L'Oblique in Montreal. In 2016, she sang with DJ Champion on his latest release, Best Seller. She continues to perform around Quebec with Champion and his G-Strings and around Canada as a solo artist.

Lou Laurence (real name Lauren Clinton), was born and raised primarily in Toronto, ON. She has lived and performed in Victoria, BC; Brussels, BE; Bridgewater, NS and is based out of Montréal, QC. Lou is bilingual, though she performs primarily in English. She has an educational background in contemporary voice, music theatre, creative writing and literature.