Lou Laurence

Singer. Songwriter. Siren.

A lil' spring thing filmed by Courtney Clinton in Montreal. "Bested by Biology (Maybe it's Spring)" Lou Laurence. www.loulaurencemusic.com Lyrics: I get nervous, just thinking about you. I keep thinking about your lips and what they could do.

I Put a Spell on You - Classic Screamin' Jay cover on baritone uke Lou Laurence - Summer 2015

DJ Champion's "Life is Good" - Lou Laurence on lead vocals. iTunes: http://apple.co/1ROFxvK Bandcamp: http://bit.ly/20y73Ot

Performance at the Deer Lou EP launch in Montreal Visit Lou Laurence on Bandcamp to download a copy of the EP! 

DJ Champion's "I Can't Let Go" - Lou Laurence on lead vocals. Best Seller disponible maintenant. djchampion.ca

Lou Laurence sings her song "Underlight" at the Deer Lou EP launch

 Under the underlight of the night and under the ground and out of the moonlight. You know, the subway writing reads as it lives and I'm going home alone, once again.